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The idea behind the ServiceLobby

The ServiceLobby has its roots in a deep conviction that service in many companies does not yet receive the attention it deserves. The ServiceLobby therefore gives service a lobby and, as a thought leader, continues to develop service further. We do so with a wide range of offerings: the latest service insights, hands-on trainings, and dedicated advisory or consulting projects. Always on the lookout for new challenges and ways to advance service.

Our Vision

We believe in the transformative power that superior service operations generate for manufacturing companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support you to unlock your full service potential as a fundamental pillar of your economic success and the main differentiator towards your competition.




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Our values


We are strongly dedicated to effectively & sustainably improve the professionalism, quality and visibility of service in manufacturing companies.


We measure our success by the impact of our work. Therefore, our actions are always characterized by a focus on practicality and feasibility.


We firmly believe that the best solutions are created in collaboration with our clients. That is why we attach great importance to working together as partners.

Down to earth

We are close to the day-to-day business of our customers and impart knowledge that really works in practice.


For us, having fun at work is part of it - and we are convinced that this is exactly how we achieve the best results.

Our team

We are a team with diverse backgrounds united by a common enthusiasm for service
Dr. Simon Tonat Managing Director Consulting & Advisory
Leon Tonat Managing Director Insights & Academy
Dr. Philipp Osterrieder Project Manager
Moritz von Schwartzenberg Senior Consultant
Jonathan Wallner Consultant

Our advisory board

With our advisory board we have valuable support from industry and academia
Dr. Karsten Tonn Director Global Software Solutions
Simon Schnaitmann Head of Products & Processes Customer Service
Prof. Dr. Hannes Huttelmaier Professor of Business Administration and Technical Sales
Ingo Hoffmann Director Portfolio Management Parts/ Accessories & Services

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