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The ServiceLobby is the first place to go when you want to take your service to the next level. We provide world-class content to help you identify the right levers. If that's not enough for you, we also offer the best service-tailored training and consulting services on the market to support you on your journey to service excellence.
The relationship between customer expectation and customer satisfaction in service Customer Management

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How does my department become more attractive to field technicians? Human Resources Management

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Why is it so important to stay on the cutting edge of service? Service Excellence & Governance

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3 reasons why your service contracts don't sell so well Sales & Marketing

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Customer Centricity - How do I implement customer centricity in the company? Customer Management

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The ServiceLobby is dedicated to taking service in manufacturing companies to the next level. In addition to our first-class content, our insights, we also offer other services to support you on this journey.
Academy In our Acadamy area you will find online courses tailored to the service - a unique offer on the market. From professionals for professionals! If you listen attentively, you can save your consulting budget for other tasks!
Advisory Our Advisory Services offer focused personal support from our team of consultants. You are in the lead and we provide targeted support through our expertise.
Consulting As part of our consulting services, a team of consultants supports you with complex issues. We take the lead, and you support us with your specific knowledge.

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